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*OS5 x64 Firmware

[Release Note]
As below:
[New Features/Changes]

  1. Add support FBP3001039011 support.
[Function improved]
  1. Improve Amazon S3 --acl-public issue.
  2. Improve BTRFS ACL & public change.
  3. Improve BTRFS snapshot restore.
  4. Improve FTP not depend on SAMBA service.
  5. Improve IPMI client OOM.
  6. Improve LSI HBA OOM.
  7. Improve NFS server while booting.
  8. Improve restore user account/password, and also restore admin password.
  9. Improve RSYNC encryption.
  10. Improve SNMP. (V2.06.03.1)
  11. Improve System Failover switch to Standby NAS.

v2.06.03/v2.06.03.1 2018-11-16 Thecus DownloadFirmware v2.06.03
Thecus DownloadFirmware v2.06.03.1
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Thecus X64 models Firmware

[Release Note]
As below:
[New Features/Changes]

  1. Force disabled the SMB1 & configured SMB2 as default for SAMBA security concern.
    System force disable SMB1, if your client devices unsupported SMB2 would re-enable the SMB1, you may re-enable from NAS ADMIN WEB page: HOME -> NETWORK SERVICE -> SAMBA/CIFS -> SMB Min Protocol -> LANMAN1.
  2. CVE-2017-7494.
  3. Improve system thermal & FAN control.
  4. Improve BTRFS folder quota function.
  5. Improve TTY1 login timed out.
  6. Improve internal dmesg about preallocate message.
[Bug Fixes]
  1. -

V2.06.02.10 2017-06-19 Thecus DownloadFirmware
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