C10GI540T2 新一代雙連接埠10GbE乙太網路卡
  • Intel® X540 PCI-Express 2.0 MAC+PHY 控制器
  • Low-profile, half-length PCIe 網路卡
  • 雙連接埠 10GBASE-T 乙太網路 RJ-45 connector
  • 支援SR-IOV
  • 支援PCI-E Gen 2.0, 5GT/s


Thecus announced the release of the C10GI540T2 network interface card (NIC). With the continuous widespread adoption of 10GbE solutions in the workplace for NAS users, Thecus Technology Corp. has continued in its quest to provide it's users with top-tier network technology. This new NIC offers the latest technology for increasing system performance and maximizing end-user productivity.

This newly released NIC was developed and manufactured by the Ennoconn group and is powered by the advanced Intel X540 controller chip. It is low profile and half-length which is a stark difference to the majority of other NICs on the market which are full-length. It delivers high compatibility with maximum speeds through dual 10GBASE-T Ethernet RJ-45 connectors.

The C10GI540T2 is expertly designed to increase connectivity with a small footprint, while offering an excellent price performance ratio. With lower cost and power, it provides the perfect solution to equip your business with 10GbE capability. This NIC is a game changer for businesses that require high-speed backup and data transfer for an ever-growing amount of data, further bolstering Thecus' ethos of ‘empowering professionals'.


Hardware Platform
項目 規格
托架高度 Low-profile, half-length PCIe network adapter
支援的作業系統 Linux , FreeBSD, Windows
控制器 Intel® X540
乙太網路端口 Dual Copper 10GbE Ethernet ports
插槽型態 PCIe x8 Gen 2
合規 SR-IOV Capable 
Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) 
IEEE 802.3x and 802.3z flow control supported 
Hardware acceleration for TCP-IP and iSCSI
操作環境 環境溫度: 0 to 55°C (32 to 131 °F)
環境濕度: 20 to 90% RH
儲存環境 環境溫度: -10 to 70°C (14 to 158 °F)
環境濕度: 5 to 95% RH@55°C
尺寸 64(W) x 168(D) x 14(H)mm 
2.51"(W) x 6.6"(D) x 0.5 5"(H)